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Apparently Premier - Confused





Soran here. Apparently I've became a premier member at some point or another. I've got absolutely no idea how that happened. It was just a case of me looking at my comic topic and seeing a symbol underneath my avatar and thinking, "Huh, did I always have that symbol? I wonder what it means…" Then I scrolled down to see what other symbols people had and saw that very few people did. The I remembered that the symbol thing underneath your avatar was something obtained for premiership. And then I scrolled up and saw that I was premier.


Is there some other way of getting premier status besides just buying it or being gifted it? I know that recently I reached 1000 posts, would that at any point give me temporary perks? Recently I also received a boost in proto but I doubt that's it since it wasn't like that in the past.


This is pretty confusing for me. I'm assuming I was gifted it but shouldn't there be a message that pops up that states that you were gifted proto or something similar? If not then there totally should be. Maybe I'll read up on the help topics or something and see what's up.


Anyway, pretty silly first entry. I know though that I'll be taking full advantage of these perks for as long as I've got 'em.




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It's definitely not from PE boosts or post count, someone probably gifted it to you. Maybe they got a Premier Membership from the BrickFair Convention Circuit that they didn't want.

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Looks like we've got a mystery on our hands.




Like, zoinks! 


It's definitely not from PE boosts or post count, someone probably gifted it to you. Maybe they got a Premier Membership from the BrickFair Convention Circuit that they didn't want.


That actually is something I hadn't thought about. I figured it was a gift but it didn't occur to me that quite possibly someone may have won premier membership as a reward but couldn't really accept it considering they were premier already thus they gifted it to someone who wasn't. 


I'm gonna guess that it has to do with the Secret Santa thing. =P




I would've assumed so but based off of the image I've got under, it says something to the effect of "It's almost empty," which in my inexperienced mind I assume that the premier membership was almost over. When you're buying premier membership it seems like the lowest amount you can buy at once is 6 months. This wouldn't work with the timeline set as it appears as though I was gifted it some time after November as I do recall not being a premier member at that point. This would mean that unless you're able to gift less than 6 months and I'm not misinterpreting the "nearly empty" image underneath my avatar (when commenting on the forums), then the likely solution is that it was a reward of some kind. Quite possibly from a contest. At least, that's just speculation based off of the little knowledge I had regarding Premiership. Perhaps I should actually look up these things before it runs out.



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Well, Premier's been given to a few other people lately, so I assume it's for the Secret Santa thing.


Anyways, congrats!

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It is a 6 month, Convention MOC perks. Merry Christmas!


Wow, thanks man. Now I feel bad for not having gifted you anything in return… Beware, I will return bearing gifts. 


I hope you have a Merry Christmas,



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