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Posing Heroically



LEGO sure has a great thing going on with the new Nexo Knights line. I've already bought $110 worth of sets, and I don't think I even spent that much on Chima and I certainly didn't on Ninjago. But these Knights are something different entirely: They've got the sci-fi aspect which I love mixed in with the Castle theme I respect and want to eventually build. Plus all the new parts look fantastic! I would have bought more Ninjago and Chima sets if I wanted their parts (I might get some steampunk ninja pirates this year), but the stuff the Nexo Knights has is getting me excited: The shield power-ups, the dark blue lightsaber hilts, the pyramid cheese slope, and the new 4x4 pointed slope brick to name a few.


So I got slightly worried when I realized we'll be getting even more sets like these this summer, and next year and the year after and on until LEGO feels like stopping. So I'm going to need to rethink my budget with everything LEGO is putting out this year.


Right now I'll just be integrating these Knights' torsos into space suits.


-CF :kakama:

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Glad you're enjoying Nexo Knights! My brother and I have only bought three of the "Ultimate" sets. We're thinking of saving most of our bigger Nexo Knights purchases until after New York Toy Fair so we have a better idea of what's coming in the summer. But there are a lot of sets we're pretty confident we'll end up getting.


I've been enjoying the TV series and webisodes a lot so far, and I'm excited for new TV episodes to start next week! I kind of wish I didn't like Nexo Knights so much, because you're right, it's definitely going to be an expensive theme in the long run!

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