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Winter Break



Wow it’s been a long time. Over four months since I posted something here. School does that to you.

I don’t really feel the need to narrate the last four months here (and I doubt anyone would want to read it), so here’s a brief summary: Took five classes while working part time at a local museum. The job isn’t great, but it’s in my field and I’m learning (or will learn) things that should become valuable so I’m game for continuing it. And it pays me so there’s that.

I got four A’s and one AB, which as far as I can tell is an A- equivalent. I’ve never even heard of this grading system before (A, AB, B, BC, C…). It’s baffling.

After semester’s end, for the last three weeks, I was on winter break. I started writing this blog post intending that I would be recounting all the fun things I did… but it wasn’t a very fun break.

I managed to submit both my Peace Corps application, and an internship application so I’m hoping that both of those yield results. But while those were arguably my primary goals for break, I also really wanted to spend quality time with both my family and my girlfriend. Due to unfortunate circumstances which I won’t go into, I was not able to accomplish either. On top of that, due to flight issues, I had to leave several days earlier than I wanted to, and with only two hours notice. That was hard, and frustrating. I don’t think anybody wanted me to leave, and my father even gave me option to opt out as I was getting on the plane. I could have, but that would have meant a.) paying extra money for tickets and b.) missing first classes upon the start of the semester. Neither of these sounded like very appealing options, so I sucked it up and just came back to school early.

That’s not say everything was miserable. I got to spend Christmas with my family and some family friends, and I got to see my sisters. It isn’t often the family is together. We did two nights of family game night (or, at least I did with my parents), so at least I got that. We played two games of Pandemic, which I introduced to my Mom on her birthday. I think she likes it, but my Dad doesn’t seem to be a fan. He doesn’t like the cooperative element, and I don’t think strategy is one of his strong suits.

My girlfriend and I had a list of things we wanted to do while I was in-state, the main goal of said list being a Star Wars marathon culminating with The Force Awakens. She’s a bigger Star Wars fan than most people you’ll meet… but I’m not. Regardless, I sat down and watched the six films over the course of my break. She even made sure we watched the theatrical version of the original trilogy, which I had never seen before. Not being a Star Wars fan I don’t see what the big deal is, and the copies we watched were blurry as heck, but, hey, it was an education! We did not end up getting to watch Ep. 7 (though she did see it on premier night- the day before I came home). So I still haven’t seen it, and in all likelihood won’t see it until I come home for spring break when we can finish the marathon. I’m assuming given the box office success that it is it should still be hanging on at that point.

We also built some LEGO sets together, the highlights being WALL-E and Poe’s X-Wing. It was a lot of fun! I’ve never actually had anyone I could build LEGO sets with before. Both sets are pretty great, though I take issue with the way the X-Wing thrusters are connected. But the set being Halloween themed makes up for that. WALL-E would have been nicer with articulated wrists, but he’s still pretty cute regardless.

So, okay, yes, I was able to do some fun things, and it was definitely nice to get a break from school. But I think we were all disappointed that things didn’t go smoother. Such is life.

School starts up again tomorrow. We’ll see how classes go!

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