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Clearly you have not watched Chima season 3. There is one character - all he says is "IT'S BLAZIN TIME!" the whole story. 

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What did you think of it? While I wasn't a big fan of the first season and the second was fine, I actually liked the Fire vs Ice stuff a lot. Especially the new characters but the whole thing was pretty decent.


And yes, IT'S BLAZIN' TIME indeed,

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I definitely think the second season of Chima was the best, with the whole mystery of Lavartus and the big outland battle with all of the suspense and plotting, etc. They tried to make the Outland Tribes seem like a credible threat, and they succeeded pretty well.


The first season was definitely the worst, with fablistic storytelling and a repetitive plot "shall we race for the Golden Chi again?" It got better towards the end with the build up to season 2, but it was still bad. 


Season 3 had a good beginning (Eris' vision mystery) and a good ending. The middle of it was really badly paced, with a lot of extraneous fluff thrown in, a bunch of battles and fights just going on...until the ice mountain finally arrived and important characters started getting captured (or freed), lending the suspense quotient and a lot of cool reveals. (It wasn't a giant robot, but it was still really cool.) (pun not intended.)


I think Chima was somewhat of a middle of the road. It wasn't like Ninjago, which started really good and is starting to feel its age, or like Hero Factory, which refused to live up to its own potential. Chima started bad and actually got better with time...but ended before everyone could realize it got better. (And it had some really good characters like the Ravens and the Beavers.)


I think Lego might bring the anthropomorphic animals theme back eventually, and take some lessons from Chima in doing so. Or they might just plain flat bring it back someday - I think it was included in Lego Dimensions. Could be wrong though. 

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