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*sits quietly in the corner playing Project X Zone 2*



Soooo... Yeah, I got this last weekend instead of Fire Emblem Fates. Yeah, I'm a sucker for crossovers, what can I say? I'm just super entertained by all this dumb dialogue between the characters and the literally bonkers interactions between them. Phoenix Wright being asked by X if his badge can shoot lasers cracks me up every time.


Gameplay's solid, nothing amazing. Story is simple and kiiiiiiiiinda dumb to be honest. But I'm pretty certain no one who purchased this bought it for the gameplay or story. I certainly didn't, I'm just looking for stupid silly fun with characters who really have no right to be talking to each other at all. Helps that the localization was pretty well done, what with having everyone be in character while still providing silly lines filled with references and nods to their own series (or in the case of Xiaomu, reference literally anything). So yeah, I guess I felt like having something mindless and goofy to chuckle at with a bunch of iconic and not-so-iconic characters tossed into some kind of extravagant salad bowl.


Side note, Strider Hiryu and Hotsuma have made me realize how much I adore that stupid cliche of the character pausing for a moment after an attack to sheath their sword or pose awesomely with the enemy suddenly being sliced and diced. It's really stupid and makes no sense but I love it so much.


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