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It's a tough question. I can't think of any live action movies that I was unsatisfied with which would automatically be improved solely by switching over to animation.

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I can think of plenty of films which would make for a good animated spinoff, but as far as live action films that would have been better as animation... I got nothing.


I think I actually did have an answer to this question at some point, but what it was I can't recall.


EDIT: When I wrote the first sentence, what came to mind was Pacific Rim, and to be honest, while I am just fine with as a live action film, I think it could have worked just as well in animated form. Guillermo del Toro took inspiration from various different anime, so I wouldn't be out of place for his film to be animated. And in some ways, having the film animated could, just by the nature of the medium, make it easier for some viewers to swallow the more outlandish elements of the story.


I'm totally okay with is as a live action, and I'm not sure it would be "better" as an animated film, but it could definitely work as one.

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