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Bonkle Summer 2016 Poster



The Poster


So, what can we learn from this, my fellow bonkle fans? I think I should call bonkle fans 'bonklons'. So, anyway, with that out of the way, what can we learn from this poster, bonklons?



  • Ekimu and Umarak are now massive, separated by a volcano that doesn't know how volcanoes are supposed to work. It would appear that Ekimu and Umarak are now in 40-million feet tall robots, and we are seeing their heads here, as they intensely stare at each other - which is totally not an overdone thing.
  • Upon looking closer, it is clear that Ekimu, at least, does not have a neck. His giant, transparent blue mask is just floating there, perhaps an ominous foreshadowing of his inevitable betrayal. Never trust ominous floating things.
  • Umarak appears to have a mostly certainly odd case of having a jaw below his chin. That, or it's a beard.
  • The ground appears to be cracking open, with the right side shrouded in an ominous green mist. Just like Metru Nui in 2005! Except without the spiders. I hate spiders, especially giant ones. Thankfully there are no Skull Spiders this time. Merely beasts.
  • The beasts appear to be appearing from somewhere, but it is hard to discern exactly where, so let us just say that Umarak's giant head with its giant beard is spawning them.
  • The volcano appears to be not understand how volcanoes work, and instead of erupting like a normal volcano, it's sending a beam of something up at the sky, perhaps in an attempt to mediate between Ekimu and Umarak. Whatever the case, it still needs to go back to Volcano School.
  • Mysteriously, Kopaka appears to be jumping impossibly high and a bit too early, so it looks like Kopaka is about to fall to his death.
  • Tahu is doing something equally stupid, by standing on the highest bit of rock he can see, presumably believing that a bird half his size will enable him to fly when strapped to his back. He's in for a surprise.
  • Onua appears to be doing the sensible thing and not take an unnecessary jump over a ravine, by taking the longer, safe, and obvious way around. Well done, Onua.
  • Mysteriously, Lewa, Gali, and Pohatu are absent. Perhaps they have been whisked away to Irrelevant-Land, much as Nex and Stringer (of the Hero Factory That Didn't Produce Much Heroes Beyond The Nine But Then Seven Main Ones) once were.

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