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What's your favorite tragic character?





Recently I was having to write about my character, Soran, in various instances and I noticed just how tragic of a character he is. Just in his iteration in "Soran's Comics", he already is rather depressing.


Tragedies of the character Soran:

  • Died due to inactivity in making comics.
  • Brought before the pearly gates, but because he's equally good and equally bad he's sent back to his body until he's either more good or more bad.
  • He's brought back as a zombie and gifted his mortality again but it's completeness is taken away from him after his body decomposes.
  • He must stay as a ghost for the rest of his time and change from being his usual morally good person, to being something he isn't; all to preserve the one thing he truly cares about in life, his mortality.
  • Even in his mortal state he cannot do much. As a ghost he cannot be without a host for so long, otherwise he'll disappear. He can try to possess people, but those around him are too strong-willed for him to force. He can possess mechanisms but the only thing he can possess at the moment is a blender.
  • He's given up everything that previously defined him as a person in an effort to preserve his own mortality or find a way around it.

It's made me realize that a lot of characters in stories I write (whether it's stories I actually release or personal ones) end up being tragic characters.


So I'm curious what your favorite tragic character is?


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Hmm, interesting question.  Characters that come to mind are Fantine from Les Miserables, Giselle, Odette and Prince Siegfried from Swan Lake, Sayaka Miki from Madoka Magica, Nagisa and Ushio from Clannad etc.


But my favorite?  I suppose I'd have to go with Rue from Princess Tutu.


Rue's entire character to me is tragic.  She was stolen away from her family as a baby, and then raised by an evil Raven.  While she was told she was a crow born into an ugly human body, her relationship with her father was an abusive one.  Eventually she met the prince from the same story The Raven came out of, and she was told he was the only person who could be capable of loving her.  So, she sealed away her memories and lived life as a normal girl to win the love of the prince.  Once she got her memories back, she looked back on those days as her happiest.  And when she does get her memories back, she becomes abusive to the prince just as her father was abusive to her.  So much so that her love for the prince only turns him into a monster.  Rue's character is all about love, while she is abusive and while she is also abused, she never stops loving.

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Martin the Warrior.  Talk about a hard life.  Then again, he got to be the only ghost in the series, so he's got that going for him.

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The Christ, Batman, and Dream the Sandman.


I honestly have to also put down Justinian II Heraklius 'Rhinometus'/'The Slit-Nosed'; an evil, tyrannical individual, but despite the tragedy beset upon him, including having his 'perfect' face marred by the removal of his nose and later installing a golden prosthetic replacement, he worked for a decade behind the scenes in his exile in a conspiracy that resulted in him getting his position of ultimate power back, Emperor of the Romans, and ruled for a decade before being slain. That takes dedication, to have unlimited power, being dropped to the very bottom, and clawing your way back from the darkest depths to successfully regain it.

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