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Thoughts on Independence Day, Star Trek, Ghostbusters, and Beauty and the Beast Trailers

Toa Smoke Monster


So over the last few days, new trailers for Independence Day: Resurgence, Star Trek: Beyond, Ghostbusters, and Beauty and Beast have been revealed to the public. It's been awhile since I've talked about new movie trailers, so I thought this would be a good time to fix that. The following is my thoughts on these trailers.


Note: The only trailer I have a link to is Beauty and the Beast. The others have either language which prevented me from linking to them here or I wasn't sure if I wanted to link it here.


Independence Day: Resurgence


This trailer came out today, and it is almost FIVE MINUTES LONG! (And I thought the trailers for Batman vs. Superman revealed too much info for that movie) Regardless, this trailer shows a lot of action scenes that actually looked kind of cool. I'm not expecting it to have the greatest story ever though, so its not on my 'must watch' movie list. But I also thought the same thing about last year's Terminator movie, and I actually really enjoyed that movie. I would complain about it revealing too much info about the movie, but like I said, this movie isn't one I'm dying to see. I'll still probably will end up seeing this when it comes out though.


Star Trek: Beyond


Now this was a good trailer. It definitely had more of a Star Trek feel than the first trailer for this movie. It had more of a dramatic tone than a comedic one, which really made it better IMO. I originally had doubts about Beyond and if it could live to its two previous movies, but this new trailer has put some of those doubts at ease. This trailer has succeeded in getting me excited for this movie, and that is all I can ask of it.




I will admit that I'm not the biggest Ghostbusters fan. I've seen most of the original and a couple scenes of the second one. I have nothing against the original movie, but I just never really got into it as some other people have. This is most likely why I'm not too excited for this movie coming out, as oppose to reasons other people have stated on other forums. I mean, this trailer has its funny moments, I guess. The effects look good as well. But this trailer, along with the other one, really haven't shown me anything to get me interested in the movie enough to go see it. And again, this is most likely from me not just not being a fan of the series. Thus, I probably won't be seeing this in the theaters.


Beauty and The Beast



Because this is a teaser trailer, not much is really shown here. But I've expressed an interest in seeing this in one of my previous blog entries, and that interest is still there after seeing this. I like the music that is played in it, and the visuals look good too. It still too early to tell if this looks good or not IMO, but I'm still interested in seeing it when comes out next March.


So what did you guys think of these trailers? Which ones did you think were good and/or bad? Were there any other trailers that came out recently that I missed when making this? Let me know! :)

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This trailer came out today, and it is almost FIVE MINUTES LONG!


I haven't bothered with this trailer out of disinterest, but what. A trailer should not be more than two minutes long.


I am optimistic for Beauty and the Beast. The others aren't even on my radar.

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