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Pokemon: Omega Ruby Progress Report

Toa Smoke Monster


It's been awhile since I've talked about my playthrough of Pokemon: Omega Ruby. I've made a lot of progress since my last entry about it. Here are the highlights:


1. I beat the Elite Four. I sailed through it for the most part. Steven gave me some trouble at the end of it, but I was able to beat him too. I even challenged myself to not use Mega Evolution in any of the battles, and I still beat them. I'm really glad my team was able to pull it off. :)


2. I really like how the official story ended. It gave more closure to your rival than that which was given to him or her in the original games, which I thought was really neat. I also liked how it showed you each Pokemon you used to beat each Gym Leader as the credits rolled. I thought that was very cool.


3. I also completed the Delta Episode. I really liked it overall, especially since it let you revisit areas of the game that you wouldn't have needed to otherwise. Its story was good too. I in particular liked the little tie ins to Pokemon X and Y. Plus, they were some tough battles throughout the episodes, which were nice to see.


4. Towards the end of the Delta Episode, I caught Rayquaza. I don't know if I would called that a great accomplishment though, as I caught it after only throwing one Ultra Ball at it. Since you need this Pokemon to complete the Delta Episode, it makes me think that you were suppose to catch it that easily. But I also read on another site that it took someone six tries to catch Rayquaza. So I don't know if I just lucked out or if that person was just having really bad luck with catching it.


5. I caught Deoxys when it showed up. I took the easy route with it and used my Master Ball to catch it. I did this because I was afraid that if I failed to catch it, I would have to restart the whole end of the Delta Episode and catch Rayquaza again. (Because, again, I didn't know if I just lucked out catching it at the time.) I wasn't planning on using the Master Ball on anything else though, so using it on Deoxys isn't that big of the deal for me.


6. Speaking of Legendary Pokemon, I've caught all the Legendaries I can catch in the game save for Cresselia. A lot of them were challenging to catch once I found them, which I was glad to see after how easy Legendaries became to catch in Pokemon Y. It also feels good having one of your boxes filled with a bunch of super powerful Pokemon. :P


7. I've also been collecting the Pokemon being given out for Pokemon's 20th Anniversary. I've already gotten the four released so far. (Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Darkrai) I look forward to getting the rest when they come out. There's also shiny Legendary Pokemon from X and Y being given out this month to promote the new season of the show. I've managed to obtain both a Shiny Yveltal and a Shiny Xerneas. There was also a Shiny Zygarde given out, but I missed out on that one.


And that's about it. I'm currently at the Battle Resort, getting my team ready to take on the challenges there. I've already have some experience with it from my Pokemon Y playthrough, so I know kind of what to expect. I plan to take on the Elite Four again sometime in the future as well, as I've read that they are stronger the second time you face them. And I'm also attempting to fill up my Pokedex as much as I can. I don't plan to 100% it, but I would like to see how far I can get with catching all the Pokemon I can in the game.


That's all for now.


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Honestly the only tough battles in this league are Steven and Glacia.


*shudders at the thought of being frozen again*

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If you defeat Deoxys you can battle him again atop sky pillar

and that zygarde they gave out wasn't shiny


nor was it really special at all

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If you defeat Deoxys you can battle him again atop sky pillar

and that zygarde they gave out wasn't shiny


nor was it really special at all

I didn't know that about Deoxys. I'm still glad I caught it with the Master Ball though, as going through the Sky Pillar again just to catch wouldn't have really interested me.


Oh it wasn't? I assumed it was, since the Yvertal and Xerneas were both shiny. I guess I was wrong about that. 

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