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Thoughts on X-Men: Apocalypse

Toa Smoke Monster


I saw X-Men: Apocalypse last Thursday at a midnight showing, though I haven't had a chance to talk about it until now. While I didn't think that it was better than X-Men 2 or Days of Future Past, I did enjoy it a lot more than I thought it would. Not to the extent that I enjoyed Civil War or Deadpool, but its definitely a movie I don't regret seeing. I'll put the rest of this in spoiler tags, as what I'm about to talk about is spoilers and I don't want to ruin anything about the movie to those who want to see it and haven't yet.



1. Alright, let's get the biggest spoiler out of the way first. Wolverine is indeed in this movie. He's in it for less than five minutes and really doesn't say any line of dialogue, but he's still a great highlight of the film. His whole cameo, which is his escape from William Stryker after having the adamantium put on his claws and bones, completely recons the same scene in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. (Though I don't think anyone is complaining about that. :P) I would also consider his scenes to be the darkest of the movie, as he goes on a rampage against the guards at the place he was held. It definitely stands out in the movie, and probably offers a good teaser for what we will see when the Wolverine sequel comes out next year.


2. Quicksilver is also back. Like in Days of Future Past, he gets his own scene where he gets to showcase his powers in action. And this time, its by saving all the students from Xavier's School after its about to explode. While its arguable that it's as good as the kitchen scene in Days of Future Past, his scene here is still really cool and I enjoyed it a lot. Plus, Quicksilver also stayed with our heroes throughout the movie, which is another plus IMO.


3. As for the cast of the movie, they all do fine. Though some characters do noticeably get more development than others. Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Nightcrawlers are all given a good amount of screen time, as well as the returning cast of Xavier, Magneto, Mystique, Beast, and others. Magneto in particular gets some interesting character development when it is revealed that he started a family, a wife and daughter, since the events of the previous movie. Though he loses both of them in the film, which fuels his motivations in the film as well as helps him choose to side with Apocalypse in the film.


But then there are some characters who are really underused, and their mainly Apocalypse's Horsemen aside from Magneto. Storm, Psylocke, and Angel are all given introduction scenes, but are not really developed into anything more than soldiers for Apocalypse's cause. This is particularly surprising for Storm, as she was one of the main characters in the original movies. But at least these characters got some meaningful time in the story. Jubilee, a popular character from the comics who is also in the movie, is literary given NOTHING to do in this movie. The only thing she does is see Return of the Jedi with some of the other students. She could've been written out of the movie and nothing would've changed. Which is kind of sad because I heard she was cool character. Maybe she'll get a bigger role in the next movie.


4. And then there's Apocalypse. Overall, he makes for a cool villain. I don't think he's the best villain we've seen in the X-Men movies, but he's still cool. He does share some good scenes with his fellow characters, especially with Magneto. And with his different array of powers, he does have some interesting battles with other mutants, particularly with Xavier and Quicksilver. I do feel like he could've been developed a little more, but overall I enjoyed his character.


Like I said, this isn't the best X-Men movie ever made. But I did like it more than I thought it would. Even though it didn't have some of the emotional weight that the previous two movies had. It's still an entertaining movie that I would recommend to fans of the franchise.


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I just saw it too. I also have thoughts.


Wolverine was a great non-sequitur.


I enjoyed Quicksilver a lot more in this one than the last. Also, really like them using Sweet Dreams for the music. 


Sophie Turner is perfectly cast as Jean Grey, albeit the occasional accent slip.


Magneto seemed to be in a different, far more tragic movie than everyone else; only to end up going on the exact same character journey he had last time. And before.


Seriously, not enough Jubilee.


Or Storm. And Psylocke had about as many lines as Jubilee. So.


Apocalypse was cool, but I blame that on Oscar Isaac since the actual character was really one note.


The movie left me really wanting a miniseries type thing about the young X-Men, because I wanted to spend a lot more time with Scott, Jean, Kurt, and Jubilee than with Mystique and Magneto doing the thing again.

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