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the chaperone, and overwatch competitive still sucks





today I can finally acquire the chaperone in destiny, which is essentially an old west style shotgun that shoots slug rounds. it was actually way easier to get that I thought it'd be since for the first half, which requires you to get kills with certain gun equipped (but death resets your progress a little ways), I just farmed off of friends in pvp. haven't even got on today but i'm still hyped to grab it, plus it means i'm only missing one more year 2 exotic.


​also yeah overwatch competitive still sucks, i'm down to rank 43 after losing two matches because of annoying enemy tactics. you know that hallway across from the objective on Hollywood to the right of the gateway that leads to the western-style movie set (can you tell I know my callouts)? they had a torbjorn set up his turret there along with a symmetra's teleporter and a bunch of her little turrets, so it was basically impossible to get rid of the teleporter and if you tried to get rid of the turret someone would just spawn and kill you. we never got the payload moving.


​it sucks that it's called a "skill rating" because it has nothing to with skill, just how a match goes. you can have great team comp and good players and still get destroyed because of the way the enemy team is setup. maybe it's because I solo-queue.


​(also unless you get extra cp at the end of the season for participating in competitive, they seriously need to lower the amount needed to get a golden gun because 300 is really difficult to get when you're not like, a god lol)


​EDIT: I hopped on destiny and grabbed the chaperone and holy cow it's cool. I feel like i'm in firefly using it, but it's range feels super lackluster, even for a shotgun in destiny. if I get it up to 335 i'm planning on using it in the first mission for rise of iron just because.


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I feel like Junkrat should be able to clean out a setup like that fairly quickly, especially with a Reinhardt to cover him. Alternatively, if your team focuses down the turret and kills it quickly, you could probably send a Winston in to clear Symmetra's microwave without much trouble. Zarya could do it easily if someone else ran in and she put a barrier on them - that's a free 50% energy - and then she can kill the turret under her own barrier and clear the teleporter and Sym turrets with her alt fire.


End-of-season rewards for all players have been confirmed, and I'm like 90% sure you keep your purple money between seasons, so you should be able to get your golden weapons eventually even if it does take a while. If they were easy to get, that would kind of defeat the point, haha.


Competitive does kinda suck though, and I've mostly just been sticking to Quick Play. Worst part for me is when somebody on the other team ragequits and then you get next to no MMR when you win. I'd offer to queue with you but it looks like you're on console and I'm on PC, unfortunately.

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we actually had a reinhardt. i could've switched to junkrat but i was playing as lucio and wanted to stick with him, and was worried things would go south if we didn't have a healer (which things went south anyways). we also had a winston but symmetra's turrets combined with torbjorn's just destroyed him every time he tried to do something about them. I forgot to mention that they had people on the objective too so if you walked between it and the hallway symmetra and torb were in you'd get ganged up on and killed, and there was never more than one person pushing at once, everyone just hanged back and hid. :/

​i don't want them to be easy to get per say, i just wish it didn't require so much...dedication, i guess? you need to play competitive a lot to get enough for a gold weapon, and i just get so frustrated with it i just do not have the patience and don't want to play nothing but competitive. idk it just feels like a daunting number every time I look at it compared to how much cp I already have.

and yeah, i'm a console pleb. I haven't had much trouble with people ragequitting but people randomly leaving during setup happens quite a bit.

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