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Twokua is why I'm sad at Gen2's end



I made a joke blog post earlier about this. I mean it this time.


I think every single person who saw episode 1 latched onto this little guy. We all saw Takua in him, and that was a powerful nostalgia wave.


But now, I see him, and I just had an epiphany...When I was 5 years old, just building these sets and hearing the story for the first time, I was twokua. I was the one staring at these characters in awe and wonder, hoping to one day be a hero like them.


And I think that may be why I personally liked that scene...I may not have conciously thought it, but when gen2 was announced, I knew that all over the world, there would be kids becoming twokua all over again. Everyone on this site knows how important and powerful that is.


...And now, with G2's end, these little twokuas just watched their heros fall too soon. I've seen some stories already...I read one account by a parent already who's child screamed when he found out gen2 was cancelled, after he had just finished JtO no less.


I know that personally, my experience as a twokua was one of the most major factors in creating the person I am today. I'm guessing the same is true for many of us.


Bionicle may be officially over, but the stories that made us stare up in wonder still exist...carry on the story. Tell it to your kids. Tell it to your nephews and neices. Tell it to your little brothers and sisters. Be like Narmoto in JtO, or Vakama in the all-of-early-gen1. Give them that moment where they look up, and want to be a hero like the toa.


This was written at 2:36 in the morning, so it may be slightly incoherant.

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