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RIP Ackar, Long Live Circle Pads, and Pokemon Thoughts



It's August 1, which means I've been on this website for 8 years! That's a lot of years. I've been on this site for more than half the time it's been around now, and that is Weird.


It's weird! But hey, now I get Ackar's disembodied head. Cool stuff.


Anyway, that aside, today is a significant day for other reasons. 3DS related reasons. My circle pad has been....actually, I'm just gonna paste what I wrote about this on another site.


So a while ago. Don't even remember when, it was...a while ago. my 3DS's circle pad started giving me trouble. The edges of it started peeling off. Like so. And for some reason, as soon as that happened the top of it became feeling all oily and sticky. It rendered my poor handheld Literally Unplayable. Couldn't really play the games I already had, and turned me off buying any new ones. This has been going on for at least a year.


But with today's Pokemon news getting me really hyped for Sun/Moon for the first time, and finally deciding I want to get that game, I became determined yet again to clean up that dang circle pad. Or at least try to replace it somehow. So I'm going at it, trying to remove whatever sticky garbage is on it, and it turns out it is the sticky garbage. For some reason having the edges fall off left the remainder of the pad as a mushy clay-like substance. Anyway, tore off all the gray stuff, leaving just the plastic base. It's inelegant and unattractive, but at least it's Literally Playable.




Anyway, as mentioned, woohoo. Sun and Moon are looking like extremely unique games and I am so looking forward to them. The Alola forms are fantastic and I hope there are many, many of them. The new Pokemon are equally cool. And the things we're hearing about the game mechanics are also exciting. I literally couldn't care less about Z-moves or whatever, but no HMs, no gyms, lots of ridable Pokemon...hype. It's gonna be 3 years since I last got a Pokemon game, but I am definitely buying something from Gen VII. It's looking great.

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Yep, same thing happened to me.  It's ugly, but it works.


(Also they don't seem to sell replacement ones, so I kind of have to live with it).

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You an get it sent in for the low, low price of $85. (I only know that because my N3DS's c-stick may not be working properly, I've decided it's not worth it to find out and it's probably a design flaw to begin with. )

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