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Watching "Star Trek: Enterprise" for the first time



I had heard terrible things, and was therefore...hesitant...to watch it until now.


I'm halfway through season one, so it could go downhill at any point...But it's actually really good. Phlox is fantastic. Trip is fantastic. Everyone seems to hate T'Pol's character, but she's fantastic. Archer is inconsistant, but he CAN BE fantastic.


The show, unlike all the star trek I've watched up until now, actually FEELS like it's set in space. The crew is in a tin can with experimental hardware that can fail at any time, and it really feels like it. These characters feel closer to astronauts, and i think that's important for the time period.


So far, there've been some interesting ideas...that one episode where we never learn the alien's motivations at all, "Dear Doctor", the fact that humanity is essentially at the recieving end of the Prime Directive...


Best part of all really is Phlox. He alone would make this show worth watching. Spock wanted to interact with humans as equals, Data wanted to be human, Odo wanted to be accepted by the humanoids...but it feels like Phlox views humans as bacteria in a petri dish. That's an AWESOME interpretation.


...really hoping this doesn't go drastically downhill. I have hope. I HAVE FAIIIIITH...FAITH OF THE HEAAAAAAART...

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If you want to get people salty on the internet, just mention Star Trek.  Personally, I thought ENT was a fine series and people need to lighten up.  I also liked the feeling of the humans just barely hanging on in a big, scary galaxy which is so different to the other series.


Things get really good during the September 11th Xindi story arc.

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I'm really excited for the Xindi. That seems to be one of the things that really makes Enterprise unique...although yes, the series does seem to be heavily HEAVILY rooted in the early 2000s.

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The Xindi arc is so interesting because it's by far the longest story arc in the entire franchise (unless you count the Dominion War in DS9, but that was punctuated by a lot of non-war episodes so it wasn't a smooth arc).


Enterprise is also neat because it gives explanations for a lot of the inconsistencies in earlier series, such as why the TOS Klingons don't have forehead ridges (the only other mention of which is Worf in DS9 saying he doesn't want to talk about it).


I think you'll really enjoy the rest of the series. I certainly did.



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