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BIONICLE Zone... Power



When you think about it, the name 'BIONICLE Zone Power' doesn't really make much sense, does it? I could understand 'BIONICLE Zone' - we could say "Welcome to the BIONICLE Zone", but... BIONICLE Zone Power?


"Weclome to the BIONICLE Zone... Power."

"Welcome to BIONICLE Zone... Power."


Now, I know this is about fourteen years late (wow BZP is older than some of its users), but why not something like 'KanohiZone Community' or 'BioniclePower Forums'? 'KanohiZone Community' makes a bit more sense than BIONICLE Zone... Power.


Also, I feel like a badly written villain would be after the Power of the BIONICLE Zone: "I AM MAKUTA AND I SEEK THE POWER OF THE BIONICLE ZONE!"


...I just did a search and, apparently, there are two dead forums that seem to be made as imitations of BZPower: "Bionicle Power" and 'KanohiZone". Uhhhhh. Now that I know they exist, I don't know what to think. One is just completely dead and has been for a decade, the other is dead but occasionally spammed by bots. I hope I'm not breaking any rules by mentioning them, they are dead.

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Bionicle Zone and KanohiPower were merged to become BZPower way back in the day, because the admins figured it would be better to work together and combine forces.

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