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Bleach Finally Ended

Pahrak Model ZX


I don’t really have anything in particular to say about it. The best thing was a certain character being promoted to Captain in the second-to-last chapter, that actually made me happy. Everything else is just kinda…meh.


In all fairness it seems like Jump cancelled the series, so…maybe it wouldn’t have been quite as bad otherwise…haha, yeah, it probably would’ve.


Well anyways that’s one chunk of my life over, time to watch better anime.


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*looks at blog entry title*

*looks at avatar*


"It's over, isn't it? Isn't it?"


I considered that joke, but I don't have enough fondness for Bleach left to sing a loving mournful ballad about it

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I read the last couple of chapters, and...


Honestly, whenever I pick the series back up I kind of feel like it'd be best to not go past the Fullbring arc at all.

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