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Ad-Lib Joke About 12 Years

Pahrak Model ZX


I have been on this site for 12 years now.




Let’s see, what did I accomplish on this site in the past year?

-Became Premier Outstanding BZP Citizen (thank you Windrider!)

-Wrote a few miscellaneous short stories (and a one-shot comedy)

-Finished Shooting Star Sonia, the biggest story I’ve finished in a while, and more recently started the sequel

-Started Beyond Ruin, which might be helping me inch towards that novel I’ve claimed to be working on for several years now. Maybe.

-Ran Technic Tournaments 2-4, seeing the rise and fall of Pridak (rot in pieces)

-Horribly mismanaged an entry in a G&T contest (I’m sorry to everyone who played The Great Career Fair)

-Ran Slizer Dome, which I’m planning a follow-up to

-Currently stumbling my way through hosting a Mafia game for the first time!


Not too shabby, I think! Let’s see what I can get up to before I hit 13 and have to make a tired Kingdom Hearts joke!


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