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What are you currently working on?



Simple question.


"What are you currently working on?"


Are you working on some sort of project, school work, or perhaps something work related? Perhaps you're working on a goal of some kind. Whatever it is, I'm curious.


At the moment I'm working on school work for college and studying for some upcoming tests. What about you guys?


What are you currently working on?




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Oh, um


A MOC of IcarusBen, trying to make my transforming Bionicle MOC not suck so much, and resisting the urge to scrap my Lego GLaDOS for parts.


Oh and learning Russian, that's also something

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I was working on beating Metroid prime for the first time, but I need to go to bed because I need to be up early. So currently I'm not going to sleep like I should be.

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None of your darned business.


Well, okay. Right now I pretty much claim to be working on a top-secret project I've been keeping under wraps for about two years. Hopefully soon I'll be at a point I can finally show it off on BZP.

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working on finishing my band's first album and I also just finished making a really great photoshop of myself replacing kate winslet in the bow-of-the-titanic scene


one of these is super important

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