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What 1 question would you ask about the Future?



Here's a situation:


You discover a time traveler from 500 years into the future. In exchange for preserving his secret, he's willing to answer any 1 question you want asked about the future. What do you ask?


Things to note:

  • Don't worry about anything you ask changing the future.
  • Don't worry about paradoxes.
  • Assume that the time traveler is able to look up information. So you're able to ask any question at all, whether it's about your family, your personal life, someone else's personal life, companies, historical events, wars, theories, etc.


Personally I think the question is interesting because different personalities will likely ask a different question. Some people may ask about their own future while another might ask about the future of someone they know. Some may think on the small scale or things while others may think quite grand. Some may ask in hopes of improving their life monetarily while others may ask in hopes of knowledge.


For me, I'd probably ask about my family. There's certain situations that presently concern me and I'd love to know the answer to them.


So what about you?


What 1 question would you ask about the future?




Recommended Comments

"What could I invest in next week that will yield really high returns in the next year or so such that I won't have to worry about money to pay off this massive amount of debt I'm going to incur to go through Med School?"


Because I'd really love to not have to worry about that and be able, maybe, even give some money back to my parents since they've invested a lot of money in my education.

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