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What activity would you love to get into?



"What activity would you love to get into?"


Simple question.


Some of us may have interests in getting into a particular activity or hobby but ultimately something stops us from doing so. Whether it's money, time, or some other hindrance, something always seems to hold us back.


For me I think it'd have to be traveling. I think seeing new places is certainly interesting but due to medical issues and monetary issues, I've found it difficult to partake in this particular activity.


So what about you?


What activity or hobby would you love to get into?




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:kaukau: I was on a swim team.  Then I sort of stopped and did track instead.  Then Michael Phelps won eight gold medals.  I've been wishing I could get back into swimming ever since.  Actually, I recently discovered that there's a swimming program for adults in a town near me, and I'm trying to figure out how to join them.  Somehow I'm going to have to set aside $120 so that I can swim with them for a quarter, and there's no telling how long it will take me before I actually get back into the grove of things.  It's been over eight years, after all.



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these are sounding more and more like Miitomo questions


Had to look up what that was. I'm mainly trying for general questions that most people would be able to give an answer for.



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Welding as a profession.

Go to a technical school. You will have a job. Skilled welders are a needed workforce.


:kaukau: It depends on where you are.  I went to a tech school for welding and only ever got one welding job, which only lasted for one month.  I've been looking for another one for over a year and haven't been able to get one, which really sucks.


Also, it's awesome to see that there's another welder on these forums.



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