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Who would you bring back to life?



Here's a question:


"Who would you bring back to life?"


I think it's an interesting question because of the different reasons one might have to bring someone back to life. Perhaps you're interested in seeing how a person of old adapts to modern day, maybe you'd like to bring back an old leader, or perhaps someone more personal to you.


For me, I think I'd like to bring back to life my cousin. He was very young when he died and it breaks my heart to know that someone so jubilant and full of life could fall victim to fate through a simple accident.


So what about you?


Who would you bring back to life?


Follow up question:


Let's say in this hypothetical situation that in order to bring someone back to life you had to sacrifice yourself. Would that change your decision?



Recommended Comments

I'd bring myself back after I sacrifice myself, because I like being a fish scent


Efficient, yeah


TBH, I'd probably bring back Abraham Lincoln or Winston Churchill, then they'd probably have a heart attack as they look at the world and it would be a complete waste ;~;

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