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How would you describe yourself?



Here's a question.


"How would you describe yourself?"


I think it's an interesting question so to speak. Many of you know who you are but you may not be able to properly put who you are into words. I know that I have trouble describing the type of person I am. This question is of course asking about describing your character and not your physical appearance.


I would say that I'm a calculated person, I think quickly and I'm rather imaginative. My mind often works faster than my mouth does which can make it troubling for me to properly explain concepts to people face to face while over text it's normally much easier for me. I've always found myself to be a creative person and often times I'm working on a concept of some kind in my head. I'm normally mindful of people and I try to empathize with whatever events or situations are going on in their life. I also am very quick to make connections which might otherwise not exist, which can be detrimental to situations I encounter. I value honesty and respectfulness and I overall try to be a decent person in life.


So what about you?


How would you describe yourself?




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Ooh, this one is going to make me waste way too much time at work.


"Still waters run deep" is a phrase that's come up several times in my life.


Fairly classic INTP. Perceptive, analytical, stubborn. Highly objective, often to a fault. Tend to value what is correct over what is communally acceptable. Rarely wrong, but quick to admit fault. Creative engineer. Strong ability to parse large amounts of information and derive a system from it.


Enter the paradox: Definite people pleaser. Always have great relationships with authority figures (teachers, bosses). Rarely "get" my peers, but a reliable mentor for underlings. Brash sense of humor; I offend a lot more people than I realize. High self-esteem and often strong ego--consistent opportunity for growth when navigating a crowd (or team) of less oblique personalities.

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i'd end up describing myself pretty poorly tbh


And that's the point of the question, it's to make you think. What identifies you as a person? Is it your hobbies, your personality, your emotions, or your logic? Maybe it's all of those, but if so then what parts? 




I don't expect everyone to be brilliant wordsmiths, capable of describing themselves in a manner that illustrates their conscious being. Some people have superb self-awareness while others do not. Not to mention that these same people may not even have great writing skills to be able to further explain their findings. The point though is to try to come up with some sort of answer, whether you answer it here or you just answer it to yourself. 


Think of it like preparation. Essentially the question is, "Tell me about yourself." 


It's a very common question in relationships, whether they're romantic or platonic. When someone asks that you're not just going to say, "Well, I'm tall, I've got light hair... blue eyes..." or whatever, as they can obviously see that (unless they're blind). It's something that I feel like everyone should have some grasp on, the things that make you, you.


I know that some people will simply scoff at this, whether it's actual members or simply guests viewing this entry. They may find it to be unimportant or too philosophical. It wouldn't surprise me, many people don't enjoy reflecting on themselves whether it be for fear of ego, lack of it, or something else entirely. It's still a concept that I implore more people to do as it helps with your self-awareness, it helps you to be able to realize just how you are seen by others and perhaps may inspire some people to change their ways if need be.


As I said before, I'm not expecting too many people to reply to this entry. Especially since it's one of the "longer" ones that doesn't have an immediate answer. But perhaps that's why I'm asking it, why isn't it an immediate answer? When I was younger I used to know exactly who I was but as I got older it started to get more complex. But it doesn't have to be complex, life itself truly isn't. We just make it so. 


So that is my point. The idea of self-awareness in my opinion can be an important asset in your life and I urge more people to be able to identify with who they are as a person. To truly know themselves based off of the one advantage they have over others knowing them, which is their thoughts. 


TLDR: How can you help yourself if you don't know yourself, unless you don't want to know yourself in which case that's cool too.



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:kaukau: I'm an extreme ENTP (extroverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving) with Asperger's Synrome (which I have mostly learned how to deal with; thank you therapy), who also suffers from chronic depression.  My dominant functions are extroversion and thinking.  Here are some of the things that this entails:


1. I'm the type of extrovert who loves to challenge people, and a lot of my socialization revolves around pushing the envelope on what's acceptable.

2. I'm always conscientious of the "big idea."  I look at a lot of relationships I'm having in terms of the big picture.

3. I get a lot of energy from my breed of socializing.  It doesn't completely solve my problems with chronic depression, but I find myself getting a lot more done when I'm "distracted" by people.

4. Since I enjoy intellectual challenges, I am prone to debating.  I am also prone to playing Devil's Advocate for some outlandish ideas, and I can get pretty experimental with different theories, whether I believe in them or not.  If you recall, that really ruffled the feathers of a lot of people on BZPower back in the day, because I said quite a few controversial things.

5. Speaking of which, I thrive on controversy.  Whereas an ENFP might care about social harmony and think that certain arguments just aren't worth it, I'm more likely to think that friendships aren't worth the lack of arguments.  I'm more likely to consider someone a close friend if I can have a really good argument with them, and I'm good at turning an argument into a playful experience.

6. As much as I get extroverted energy through friendship, I also get energy from making enemies.

7. I like to talk.  A lot.  It can oftentimes overwhelm people.  Talking is so fun.

8. Although I can present my arguments point-by-point, I'm a bit more likely to make my points by painting in intuitive brushstrokes.  The information that I perceive, and therefore will probably present, is fluid and unorganized.  I like presenting logical information as a web, not as a linear chart, and also like to present this logical information in an entertaining, extroverted manner.

9. Those charts you see in the movies where a person connects a ton of pictures with string and thumbtacks?  I totally use those.

10. As logical as I am, I am highly unorganized in my personal life.

11. Although my philosophies are often highly pragmatic, I get a lot of energy from doing things in a very unpragmatic fashion.

12. I can be sentimental, but not on my intuitions.

13. Emotionally, I'm a realist.

14. I often get frustrated that I have emotions.

15. I have a good, intuitive grasp of other people's personality types, and how they receive information.  If I really want to, I can be "smooth," although at the same time I'm so out of the ordinary.  It's a bit of a paradox that's hard to explain.  Anyway, I really value great communication.

16. I'm brutally honest.

17. I'm really fascinated by other people's points of view, actually, even if I don't agree with them.

18. There are very few things that I like to stay committed to.  I'm always fascinated by what else is out there, so I don't want to tie myself down to just one thing.  This makes building a career a frustrating thing.  I'm just so motivated by possibilities, which is one thing that writing represents to me.

18. I'm better at brainstorming than I am at actually getting things done.  Paperwork?  No thanks.

19. I love doing things that no one has done before.  Again, this is one of those things that my passion of writing represents for me.

20. I want pet wallaby.

21. Because I'm an intuitive thinker, and I have unusual social skills, people might assume that I'm an introvert, but I'm not.

22. I'm a little more sarcastic than the average person.  Ever heard of the quote "Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think"?  Yeah, I'm one of those people who stands above all of the tragedy of this world, even my own, and smirks at all of life's ironies.  Oh, and because I have feelings like anyone else, I still feel tragedy, but still.  At least I can find some humor in it all, in my own warped way.


Other things about me -- I know what some of my core memories are.  I won't go into detail about the memories themselves, since I like to keep those private, but I'll share their effects on me.


1. I highly value my own intelligence.  It's important to always learn new things and never stay at an intellectual stand-still.

2. Everyone dies.  Some die early.  Some die unfairly.  I want to make sure that I'm satisfied with the life I've lived before that happens.  I want it to be right.

3. Divorce sucks.  Make sure to marry the right person or not marry at all.

4. I value friends a lot, especially ones with ENFJ personalities.

5. I want to complete my books someday.

6. When I first watched A New Hope, I knew that I wanted to create something that some day would amaze people as much as that movie amazed me.

7. Nothing that I ever do will make me a good person.  There will always be some sin in me that I haven't personally conquered.


And that's all I can think of for now.  I hope that that lives up to your standards for a good answer.



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An introverted, knowledgeable hermit with aspergers. I am quite friendly, but also pretty quiet. I like to mix archaic words with new ones. Despite being reserved, i am also pretty crazy. I am also an imperfect Christian.

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An introverted, knowledgeable hermit with aspergers. I am quite friendly, but also pretty quiet. I like to mix archaic words with new ones. Despite being reserved, i am also pretty crazy. I am also an imperfect Christian.


:kaukau: Ywis (an archaic word from Middle English meaning "indeed").



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Extremely flawed borderline bipolar person. Is pretty ok at telling stories but not so good at writing them. Procrastinates a lot. Lazy and introverted.

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