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Which day would you relive?



Here's a question:


"Which day would you relive?"


Pretty interesting question to me. Many of us have fond memories, situations in the past that sometimes are better than the present. Does one particular day of yours stand out among the rest? If so which is it?


For me, I'd probably want to relive my 8th birthday. It was probably one of my best days of my life. It was so carefree, fun and oddly peaceful. I felt connected with people and loved. It was pretty great.


What about you?


What day of your life would you want to relive?




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:kaukau: Incidentally, I was going to say something pretty similar to my 8th birthday.  For me, it would be one of my last days being 8 years old.  Good times.  I would also get to meet a few names and faces that I wish I never forgot.



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My memory only goes back so far before I being to forget things, so I'll just settle on yesterday when I went to the apartment of the girl I like again, it was a good day and we both enjoyed it.

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Day i want to relive is my last day at high school. I had already graduated (how that school went and did stuff) but I wanted to go anyway to see my friends off one last time, and see the girl I liked. One thing I regret is things not said. I told her and my friends that I came for the free pizza, but that wasn't the case, though the free food didn't hurt.

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