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Your Rebrick Makuta...

Iruini Nuva


...how's it coming along?


Finally getting into a groove on mine. I'm realizing how rusty I am at MOCing. Been...probably 5 years since I built something that wasn't just a G2 set following the manual.


To that effect, my first attempt at a CCBS/Technic hybrid has a way steeper learning curve than I expected.


On the flip side, it does give me a chance to sketch ideas for something other than software for a change:




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I've got some ideas but they haven't really coalesced into something concrete yet. I've just put in a Bricklink order for some parts I know I'll need if I'm going to make this idea a reality.

To be honest it's a little frustrating. I REALLY want a shot at that artbook, so I've got to make an entry even if I don't think it stands a chance at winning. But it's having a negative impact on my creative output since I end up not wanting to work on other MOCs while I still have a deadline on this one. :(

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