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Hey Nerdtendos! (that didn't work at all sorry)



Finally got a 3DS for myself, after learning that they now have SNES virtual console games. Silly reason, sure, but anyway.


Anyway, pretty sweet so far! Now I can experience some games finally. Majora is gorgeous.


Anyway, if you want to friend me or whatever shoot me a message.


Also, if anyone wants to recommend any games on 3DS/Virtual Console, or Steam games like before, go ahead here. Particularly because I used to have a post for this but it got lost in some forum thing a long time ago.


To make this fun though, since this was only just re-released - Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow? Or one of the new ones?




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Pfft, is that even a question? Pokemon Red, don't be a scrub. 


Also, no idea if this is there but if it is I totally recommend it: Super Metroid. Arguably the best Metroid game ever made (some may argue Metroid Prime but let's be real guys). 



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Yup, Super Metroid is there, and on my list. Looks a goodun from what I've seen in the past.


That's amazing. I'm totally going to get it then. 



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I'm still working on super Metroid. Great game though. I still prefer Zero Mission as it's the first one I played. If you can find it at a good price, Kid Icarus: Uprising is really fantastic. Xenoblade Chronicles is really good if you're willing to say goodbye to 80 hours of your life.

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Xenoblade Chronicles is a must play, despite the fact it takes away 80+ hours of your life it's all worth it.


Kirby planet Robobot is also good fun as well.

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I definitely recommend the Metroid titles. As for the Pokemon games, I've really enjoyed Omega Ruby. I'd recommend it if you want to try one of the new Pokemon games. Though Pokemon Sun and Moon come out in November, if you want to wait for those.

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Update to this as I just finished Super Metroid. What a solid fair game, creepy and moody as anything. Not a huge fan of some of the mechanics, only because I suck though. Also should have spent less time trying to 100%, got to 96% in the end before giving up and just wanting to get to Mother Brain. That opening Brinstar theme is really good, my gosh. 


Added Xenoblade to my list. Still unsure on Pokemon, might sit out on it until I run out of other things to check out. Big focus on Zelda, DKC and Mega Man titles right now.


Also like many of us had no luck securing a NES Classic so far, trying to pre-order gaming stuff here is really difficult. And scalpers should not be rewarded.


No one's going to read this comment to a month's old post.

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