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From the Southern Hemisphere



I wrote up a nice entry yesterday before I left, but was unable to post it due to errors. As such, we're skipping the "I'm leaving" and going straight to a quick "I'm here." I'm blogging this now because I'm not sure if that will be possible tomorrow? The Internet situation is up in the air. I'd say expect less activity from me, but I'm pretty inactive to begin with so no one will notice or care.


First day was interesting. I'm intimidated by the fact that I'll need to learn two languages, but I think I'll make it work. I don't have a choice if I want to eat. :P


I'm sure I'll blog again soonish. But until then, see you later, BZP Blogs!

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:kaukau: Good luck with the languages!  Two languages is a bit to learn, but on the bright side you'll have constant immersion, which should make a pretty big difference.  Me, I try to learn German on my laptop a few minutes each day, and it just isn't as effective.



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