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Thoughts on Latest Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer

Toa Smoke Monster


Note: Slight spoilers for the latest trailer are in this entry. Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled.



Don't you hate it when you want to blog about info revealed on something you like but can't until a few days later because life keeps you busy? I do. :P


But regardless, a new Star Wars: Rogue One trailer was released last week. Since the movie is coming out in last than two months, it could be assumed that this will be the final trailer for the film. And aside from revealing that Jyn's father plays a part in the building of the Death Star and what 'Rogue One' means in the film's story, we don't really get any new info on the film's plot.


And that delights me a lot. I think it's great that one could watch all three trailers for this movie and still not have a concrete idea on what is going to happen in it. I mean, we do know that they get the plans in the end, as the Rebels have them in A New Hope. But how they got them isn't really shown in these trailers. The Force Awakens trailers did the same thing with that movie's story last year, and I hope this trend continues for the upcoming Star Wars movies.


As for what is shown in the trailer, I will say that it all looks really cool. You can tell from the tone of it that this movie will have a darker, serious story to it. The blend of CGI and practical effects looks great here as well, just as it did in The Force Awakens. And the music sounds good too, though I'm not sure if it will be as good as John William's Star Wars scores of the past.


But overall, this trailer has succeeded in keeping my hype up for this movie. December can't get here soon enough. But not before Doctor Strange comes out next month. :P


What do you guys think of this trailer?


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Hmm, what this got me thinking of was that this might be the first Star Wars movie where they've actually said the full title.  I mean, they got close with "Force Awakens" and I guess "Attack of the Clones" but this is the first where they outright said it, I think.


Still, looks to be a good movie.



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