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Toa Smoke Monster


It's been three days into the month of November as of this entry, and I've already seen six or so Christmas commercials, had coworkers of mine play Christmas music at work, had one coworker say that she already got her Christmas tree, and saw 'Merry Christmas!' trending on Twitter. I even saw my local mall setting up Christmas stuff a few days before Halloween. Yes, that's right. BEFORE HALLOWEEN!


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. No one should be doing anything Christmas related until at least after Thanksgiving. Otherwise, IT'S TOO EARLY FOR IT!


But that's just my two cents on this.

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I put up X-Mas stuff in September at a K-Mart. For a whole weekend. No X-mas carols yet, but post thanksgiving will fix that.

And all existence will be denied.


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I saw that the Hallmark Channel has already started their non-stop-till-Christmas 48/7 Christmas movie marathon literally one day after Halloween.
(And I did mean to type 48 hours a day. They have two different channels playing two different 24/7 Christmas movie marathons. What is life)

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