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Thoughts on Beauty and The Beast Trailer

Toa Smoke Monster



I've spoken on here before about being interested in seeing the live action Beauty and The Beast movie when it comes out next year. I liked the original Disney movie, and it is considered one of Disney's best movies ever. (At least, I think I read that somewhere) And that leaves me curious to see how they would handle a live action version of said movie.


Today, the first trailer for the film was released, and I can say that my interest is still there for the film. I really like the music that plays with it. It sounds beautiful, just like it did in the original. The inside of the Beast's castle, at least what is shown here, looks really cool too.


As for the Beast himself, he does look a lot like his cartoon counterpart. He doesn't look as 'beastly' as the original IMO though, particularly with his face. It kind of look too 'human-ish,' for lack of a better word. But it's not a deal breaker for me, as he still looks cool enough. And besides, his roar is awesome. :)


Then there's Belle. I think Emma Watson will do a good job portraying the character, and I think this trailer backs that up. Of course, one can't fully judge an actor and actress's performance in a movie without seeing the whole thing. But I'm optimistic that she will be good in this film.


We also get to see some of the other characters in the film. Lumiere and Cogsworth both look good. Mrs. Potts, however, looks sort of terrifying IMO. I'm sorry, but she really does to me. I kind of wish she looked as she did in the original. But who knows? Maybe this version of her will grow on me as the film's release date get closer.


Overall, I'm still looking forward to seeing this. I may not be as hyped for it as some other films coming out next year, like Logan or Guardians of the Galaxy 2. But I probably will see it when I get the chance to when it comes out next year.


What do you guys think of this trailer?

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I am getting so excited for this movie and I think it'll be great, but there's still a part of me that is afraid it won't live up to the original (which is my favorite Disney movie).


There had better be a Gaston song in this or it's not worth it


There will be, and (at least with 'Gaston') with bonus Howard Ashman lyrics that went unused the first time around. 

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There will be, and (at least with 'Gaston') with bonus Howard Ashman lyrics that went unused the first time around.

I hope it can rival the hurricane Gaston re-write

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