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0.2 Many Questions!

Pahrak Model ZX


Someone has provided English subtitles for the entirety of the 0.2 section of 2.8, so I watched that. Master Aqua is even more my hero than she was five minutes ago, we don’t deserve her, she’s got to be one of the most awe-inspiring protagonists in video game history.


Something else that really caught my attention, assuming the subs are at least approximately accurate there are some interesting lore implications brought up.



We get to see Mickey acquire his Keyblade of Darkness at the end of the story. He and Aqua end up in Destiny Islands, which at this point has been swallowed up by darkness, and he gets excited upon realizing it is Sora and Riku’s homeworld. He says that since this is the world where Sora first got his Keyblade, then this one on the other side (in darkness) should have a Keyblade of Darkness. Then they find the Kingdom Key D just floating in midair, and Mickey takes it.


Well, that throws my previous theory out, but creates a very interesting new one!


The way this sounds to me is that, since a Keyblade of Light was formed on Destiny Islands, it created a sort of imprint that was used to create a Keyblade of Darkness counterpart. Maybe that imprint was activated/utilized only when Destiny Islands passed into the Realm of Darkness? Or would the Kingdom Key D have appeared even if Destiny Islands didn’t cross Realms? In the case of the former, I have to wonder how long the imprint lasts—if a world falls to darkness decades or centuries after a Keyblade of Light forms there, would the corresponding Keyblade of Darkness still form? But if the latter is true, does that mean that a Keyblade of Darkness is formed every single time a Keyblade of Light is formed, and they’re all just floating about the Realm of Darkness? And what would have happened to this Keyblade if Mickey hadn’t taken possession of it—especially once Destiny Islands returned to the Realm of Light?


Keyblades, man. They’re confusing as heck but I kinda like it.


It’s also worth mentioning that Kairi, with her brief appearance in the bookends of the story, gets more screentime here than she probably has in the past eleven years combined. Go figure. Though, by far the most surprising thing was seeing Mickey Mouse’s shirt get torn off. I wasn’t expecting that.


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Man, you are making me want to look up those subs for that.


By the way, is there any estimate on how much gameplay that 0.2 has? I hadn't been keeping up with the news for that lately. XD


- JMJ 2017

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The person I was watching sped through it in roughly 2 hours (gameplay and cutscenes, but I mean they were dashing), and I've seen others with about 4-6 hours logged.  There's an accomplishment system for replayability (unlocking decorations you can use to customize Master Aqua's look), plus a secret challenge unlocked by finding 12 special treasure chests, but yeah, it's definitely on the short side.

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