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Pokemon Bank Update

Pahrak Model ZX


If you didn’t hear, Pokémon Bank has been updated! You can now use it with Gen VII games, transfer Pokémon from Gen VI to Gen VII, and transfer Pokémon from Virtual Console Gen I games into Gen VII!


Bank now also has a National Pokedex function, which registers all the Pokémon you have in all games connected to it, making it even easier to keep track of your progress. Still hoping they update Sun and Moon with the National Dex, but this is pretty neat.


When transferring Pokémon from VC to Gen VII, here’s how they’re updated according to Serebii:

-They all have their Hidden Abilities! Unless the species doesn’t have a Hidden Ability, of course.

-Nature is “based on experience”? Not very specific…

-Guaranteed to have at least 3 maximum IVs.

-Gender is random.

-EVs are wiped clean.

-There’s also a chance of being made shiny based on what their Gen I IVs are!


Don’t forget that a Bank pass costs money, though. (I thought I had enough but taxes pushed it a few cents too high.)


Oh, and using Bank from now until October 2nd will get you Mew’s exclusive Z Crystal! And that still leaves 2 more event Z Crystals to look forward to.

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What are the other two event z crystals? I know Marshado is suppose to have one, but not aware of the third one.

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