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Gaming PC Advice?



Hey technically-inclined people of this strange corner of the internet,


I'm in the market for a good gaming PC. Like, a really good one. Like one that will play Skyrim on Ultra with no loading time. But I have no idea where to start looking.


Got any recommendations?


Also, I'm incredibly lazy, so building it myself will never happen.


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working on a build will save you a good deal of money

and there's probably some websites that'll let you pick parts and have someone else build it for you, too.

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My friend has a site he uses to plan out builds, not sure what it is but it allows you to pick parts and see what it will likely cost. My dad works on computers for a living so I got a full rig for not that much and swapped parts out as I saw fit.


I would highly recommend building it yourself, most if the steps are fairly simple. But what you need to do is decide how much you are willing to drop right now, and start picking parts based on that. Most of that money is going to go to your CPU and GPU, next is your power supply and motherboard. You really don't want to cheap out on those as you could risk frying things.

If you want to play Skyrim you don't need much really, even at ultra. Loading times aren't really an issue, but if you're concerned about it you probably want an SSD which will improve loading tines, but not by much for games really, they're nice, but I don't think they're worth the current asking price. If you want to spend less I'd recommend going with an AMD build. You'll spend less and AMD has a better cost/performance ratio than the other CPU/GPU manufacturers, but it also means you have a lower performance ceiling, but that shouldn't be a problem for Skyrim.

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Building a PC isn't that difficult. It's kinda like Lego, just... a lot more expensive. and Fragile. (actually I take that back, I have yet to find a single component more easy to damage then a Lime-green socket joint).

That being said, I built my Gaming rig for around the rather high price of 1300$ or so over the course of a year, about four years ago; I've upgraded the graphics card recently, but even before the upgrade the thing could still run most polished games on relatively high or simply the highest settings (even you, Minecraft).

Take my words with a grain of salt because I feel my knowledge of what's good and what isn't is starting to grow outdated (~Shockwave~ probably knows more then me here), but I'm pretty sure 16GB's of RAM, a 2TB Hard drive, a Mid-range Intel I5 CPU, a mid-range Asus board that matches the CPU's type, a Mid to high range Nvidia Graphics card, aaaand at least a 700W power supply will be able to run most modern games at a reasonable setting. Should be able to get that and a Case for a fair amount less then what I paid, (everything's more expensive here in Canada, and I fell for a overly expensive case with shiny lights in it) but I wouldn't go below 800$ if your looking for a gaming rig that will deal with anything you throw at it decently.

If you buy a Pre-built gaming rig, don't go with alienware. a friend of mine has had a few, and they've given him loads of problems almost right off the bat. He'll never admit it, but those things really aren't worth the money, I'd go with something Asus is offering instead, or have someone just build a PC for you like the others said. I also agree that SSD's are still pretty overpriced and not worth what they give, especially since they usually sacrifice a fair amount of space for them.


Best of luck with your PC-Building adventure!

--Akaku: Master of Flight

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I'll tell you why I'm not building a PC myself.  Because it's all just gobbledygook.  "Ah yes, the Plogmortic 49.8 processor will require the 16GB hyperbelt if you want it to datarize your coding."  I don't know what any of it means!  What's the difference between one graphics card and the next?  What are processor speed and memory and how does this affect the computer doing what I want?


I don't know any of this and I don't need to know any of this.  I just need to know who knows this.


I'd be fine with asking someone to do it, but I have no idea where to start.  Are there stores that specialize in this?  What are they?

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Hmm, only 16GB for your Hyperbelt? That's a little low, I think! Your going to want at least 200 Jiggamawatts for that.  ;)
In all seriousness though, if you want to do things the old fashion way then I would just look up on google maps to find a local computer store that does custom PC builds which has good reviews for the place. a smaller store that specializes in repairing PC's will probably make you a better one for a better price then one of those big chains like best buy, from my own personal experience and what I've read online.
If you want to do everything online but aren't sure what to get, then I would start with consulting the peep's over at r/suggestapc at reddit, they should be able to work their magic and find you something that suits your needs best :P
--Akaku: Master of Flight

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