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Shot Through the Heart of the Cards

Pahrak Model ZX


So when I went to download Fire Emblem Heroes the other day it wasn’t available yet and the store recommended the new Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links app, and I figured “pssh okay sure I guess I’m curious.”


It turns out it’s…actually fun? Like, way more fun than children’s card games should be? I'm having difficult putting it down and I'm not sure I feel comfortable with this development.


Part of it’s definitely nostalgia, of course. You unlock the ability to play as several characters from the original anime, you see, so you get to hear them constantly shouting out stock phrases and taunts. Basically everything Kaiba says is gold. Brooklyn Joey is there (even on some of his cards). Honestly my only complaint on that front is no Tristan, but more characters are already set to be added so who knows.


I probably only played the actual card game less than five times when I was a kid so I don’t remember much (and certainly never had any skill), but Duel Links presents a streamlined version that’s extremely easy to pick up, so it took a while before I really felt like an amateur with a poor card selection. And, a few of those losses can be chalked up to bad starting hands…and being too tired/unfocused to do what I actually intended to do…anyway, what I mean is it feels pretty fair even to newcomers, except for when you fight that guy who looks like Red from Pokémon who cheats.


I’d rate it 5/7 Millennium Items would recommend to nostalgia-prone friends.

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My sis downloaded it too, and we were so happy to find all the old cards we remembered (and still have somewhere xD). The game's great fun, too.

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I downloaded it and have had a lot of fun. Had to delete it to make space for Fire Emblem but I'll probably download it again in the future.


Yu-Gi-Oh was the other big thing in my childhood apart from Bionicle, but I only ever followed the original series with Yugi and Kaiba. Couldn't get into GX and didn't care to try with the others.


So seeing all my old favorites again in this app was really a treat.

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