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Are You Ready for Slizer Mafia 3?!

Pahrak Model ZX


Well it’s not out yet.


But you know what is out?


Slizer Mafia 2.8, a lazily-named short story that briefly introduces the situation you’ll find yourself in and a couple of characters who’ll be important. Also it goes into some mechanics so that I can skip the long explanations in the actual game to save space.


Don’t worry, Slizer Mafia 3 is looking good, and I plan to request permission to host it soon. (Maybe mid-March if the opportunity is there?) And no, you don’t have to read 2.8 in order to understand 3, this really is just hype-building and a chance to elaborate on some of my nonsensical plot points in a less intrusive way.


Although now I realize 2.8 focuses entirely on one faction and wonder if I should do something for the opposing faction too…

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Well there's definitely murder, and I'd like to think I've made it intriguing, but incorporating the first one into a story on BZP would be...sorta difficult...

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ooh yay, I liked that.

Slizer Mafia 3 looks like it'll be fun, especially if there's even more random song quotes.

(also am I the City Slizer already? =P )

And on that Adamsian humor that there's a bit of-I like it.

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I've got plenty of songs in mind, I'm just trying to find a balance so that I don't overdo it...it's a little harder to justify without shoehorning in a new Music Slizer. :P


Unfortunately I can't reserve any roles for anyone, so I'd recommend trying to get on the RNG's good side in the meantime!

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