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Take A Look At Infinity

Pahrak Model ZX


You know those other ideas I said I wanted to get off the ground sometime soon? This isn’t one of them. This one just showed up and insisted I do something with it and I didn’t feel like trying to do anything else anyway so it ended up done. That’s the short version.


If you want the long version: waaaaaay back in the day, some noob named Exo-Zadakh started writing a story where Bionicles were Pokémon, except you fused with the Bionicles/Pokémon, and as time went on and he entered his weeaboo phase he kept adding Bionikemons based on characters and things from more and more series until it sort of became an original story while simultaneously being a fanfiction of a bajillion things. That noob eventually changed his name from Zadakh to Pahrak and, due to life events and despairing over the dreadful canon he wrote when he was 12, chose to cancel the series and went to pursue other endeavors. Yet an urge still remained. A fanfiction of everything is a lot of fun to write, and this was a big part of the noob’s life for a few years, so he could never really let it go. Pahrak is now trying to flesh out a new iteration of the basic concepts of this ancient story, but first, wanted to do a sampler to see how it goes.


Either way, I’ve posted a new story in OTC called Glimpse of Horizons. It’s sort of a pilot for a much larger project I’ve got a desire to do, trying to get a feel for a piece of the world and, more importantly, the main character. So, while feedback is always appreciated, it’d be extra appreciated here! No clue when I might kick off the full version, but I do think I would like to. I’ll keep you posted.

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That seemed pretty cool, honestly, and I'm very intrigued about Brynja's powers! =O


But that honestly got me interested in future things, so I'll definitely keep an eye out!

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Thanks!  I couldn't find a good place to work in the full explanation of her powers, but I'm glad to hear they still impressed!

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