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There She Is

Pahrak Model ZX


Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (with the X pronounced as “chi”) has just had a major update, now renaming itself Kingdom Hearts Union X (with the X pronounced as “cross”). First and most importantly:




Illustrated KHII Kairi is available in the new Epic Medal Carnival, guaranteed within 5 draws and coming with three dots! She’s a Curaga, all attribute buff, all attribute debuf, fixed damage to all enemies, and 10 gauge recovery all wrapped into one beautiful package! With Tier 5 Guilt! Get this, especially if you’re playing for free. And, if you make her your shared medal, the home menu music will change to Kairi’s theme!


…Hm? Oh, yeah, and you can log in to get a bunch of free jewels and enough Sora & Roxas medals to Guilt it. Plus fusing Medals now gives them passive skills. And there’s a bunch of new story quests with a new Keyblade and they’ve added a proper multiplayer mode now (which is…eh). Oh, and some new Avatar Boards and new chances at old Avatar Boards, and…was there some other stuff? I don’t remember at the moment.


Side note, the Japanese version recently gained a few new story quests that introduce a new character. A laid-back edgelord by the looks of it.


But most importantly, we’ve got a great chance at a fantastic medal emblazoned with the image of KH’s best girl. Don’t miss this chance!


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Even with all of the free gems I didn't get her within 3 draws. I'll have to earn some more jewels and try again. XD


But I use that medal since you share it, and it is amazing and I love it.


Anyway, I finally managed to combine enough Stitch medals to get all five yellow dots filled in. And that's kinda sad because I got better speed medals in the draws and do not have the cost to keep Stitch in the running (which is a shame because he now gives me two extra gauges, bringing my total up to 17).


I'm thinking of finally evolving my Jack Skellington medal to six stars and possibly using my Sorcerer Mickey medals to max out those yellow dots (It's at three now).

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Oh my god Squeenix, it's pronounced cross now? 




I saved up all my jewels for this Kairi nonsense. Worth it, I'd say.


I'm annoyed that the passive skills don't retroactively apply. Most of my medals have dots on them and now they don't get this perk? Grr.


and Tekulo, save those Sorcerer medals.

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Clearing those 15 Anniversary Quests in the Events section gives you 1000 jewels, plus you get 250 for every 5 story quests you clear, so there's definitely still a chance!


The Daily Cid Challenge (unlocked for a limited time) is a great chance to reduce cost on your medals, and it's super easy!  I definitely recommend trying that out if you're having cost trouble.


Oh yes, Jack Skellington is very good!  His Blade of Seven special has a lot of versatility and really helps clear difficult things like Adamant Challenges.

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Well I mean it looks like they're not charging AP this week for quests. And Saturday and Sunday is when you can earn Sorcerer medals. And yesterday I kind of got around 200 Louie 3 star medals, 50 four star medals and after I used a bunch of them I'm left with like 15 six star medals.


So... I'm gonna earn some Sorcerer medals tomorrow.


And the cost wouldn't be an issue if I didn't have 4 six star speed medals that I really really like. They cost 46 each (except one that's like 23) and I only have a 145 cost limit.

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I'm annoyed that the passive skills don't retroactively apply. Most of my medals have dots on them and now they don't get this perk? Grr.



Yeah, I was hoping they'd give boosts to all the medals I've spent time building.  Or at least the event medals.


Wait, are we talking Fantasia Mickey A or Fantasia Mickey B?  A is the one you can get on weekends and evolve 5 Stars into 6 Stars, but we've only been given two Bs so far, and that's the one that adds dots/Guilt.


As for cost, I believe the current limit with all Avatar Boards is 183, which lets you use all 6 Stars with only 47 Cids.  Investing in that is definitely worthwhile.

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Oh my bad. I was talking about the Sorcerer Mickey that evolves medals.


The other ones that we only have two of I'm probably gonna use on Jack. Unless, y'know I get that new shiny Kairi medal, in which case I will debate on which one to upgrade for five hours and then flip a coin.


Also I don't think I have unlocked every avatar board yet. Unless you're counting the ones that cost jewels in which case need I remind you I spent all of mine on medals. XD

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In the case of B, it may be worth holding off until we see how easy it'll be to get others in the international version of the game.  Of course I used both of mine on my Lea medal so I understand the desire to put them to use. :P


Ah, that's right, I forgot some of the upgrades were on jewel boards.  Hm, they should really fix that...

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How/why do you pronounce the letter X like chi... and the same goes for pronouncing it like cross although that makes a bit more sense.


Still, that's like naming the game "Kingdom Hearts U" and pronouncing the U like "horseshoe"

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X [chi] is actually a Greek letter.  Technically I should probably be using the actual letter and not just X, but...eh.


And I feel like I've seen X used in relation to cross before, though I don't remember where and it's definitely still weird.


But hey, Kingdom Hearts naming!  Kingdom Hearts U [horseshoe] does not sound at all out of place.  I would buy it.

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