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I Choose...An Entirely New Route?

Pahrak Model ZX


has been released for the next Pokemon movie. What we’ve seen previously implied this was a retelling of the first season, showing OG Ash and a Pikachu who doesn’t like him and Ho-Oh being there, but now *echoing voice* IN HD!! */echoing voice*


This trailer shows that it’s not that at all.


It starts out the same, but apparently after seeing Ho-Oh, Ash meets up with some entirely new characters with Pokemon from other regions who also have Rainbow Wings from Ho-Oh, and in a surprisingly soon reveal, the 802nd Pokemon Marshadow appears to guide them to the mountain where Ho-Oh lives. Serebii’s translations mention becoming “Heroes of the Rainbow” and Ash and Pikachu learning to become partners to defeat some powerful opponent. Also there’s a shot of an old man with a hat that looks suspiciously similar to the one Red wears. Yes, that Red.




My first reaction was “How can you go for a nostalgia cash-in while taking away virtually all the stuff people are nostalgic for?” Then I remembered one of my initial complaints was that “Movies that retell arcs are boring” and realized I actually like this development. I probably shouldn’t get my hopes too high, but there’s a chance for a rather interesting story here, and I’m looking forward to seeing if it delivers.


But since this is giving us the Pikachu with the hat and Marshadow, that means we’ve already hit the bottom of the Gen VII event Pokemon well…which has me…worried…

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I'm still mad that Blue got an eevee and I was stuck with a pikachu. ( I got eevee envy)


Though it does sound like an interesting new direction for the show. I can't say I'll watch it though.

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Something important to note is that whatever games come out next will probably have their own exclusives (maybe not new Pokemon, but probably new forms).


Speaking of new games, isn't it interesting how out of the four Pokemon in the movie not from Gen 1, two are from Gen 4? I wonder...

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Speaking of new games, isn't it interesting how out of the four Pokemon in the movie not from Gen 1, two are from Gen 4? I wonder...


I'm conflicted, because on one hand I want Sinnoh remakes dearly and this does get me thinking about it, but there's another part of me saying this isn't really anything substantial and reminding me that I did tell my sisters to hit me if I started making "Sinnoh confirmed" jokes.


*sits down and cradles Azure Flute*

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