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Sockets or Balls? Or heck Axles?



Serious question... Which version of bionicle heads did you enjoy/find more useful?


The 2001-2003 heads, the 2004-2008 heads, or the 2009-2016 heads? Mind you, the glatorian, HF, Brain attack and okotan heads are all very similar in my opinion hence why I am clumping them together.


I personally will always prefer the 2004-2008 heads as I felt they were a bit more versatile.


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I think it's a mistake to lump in the glatorian heads with the heads that came afterwards in Hero Factory and Bionicle G2. See, the Glatorian heads on their own are easily the least useful of any constraction-based head, because they break so gosh-darned easily. The Brain attack heads and the G2 heads use the CCBS socket type that doesn't break, and thus they're comparatively way more useful in the long run.


But, to answer your question: probably the 2004-2008 heads, AKA the toa metru heads.

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I prefer the newer ones with sockets. Not only are they the most compatible with CCBS, they tend to have a more realistic range of motion (the ball on the 2004 heads being directly behind the "mouth" could make it extremely hard for figures to look down). It's also much easier to incorporate a ball joint for the "neck" of a custom torso than it is to add a bulkier ball cup.

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2004 heads, because they worked for both the old and new styles of masks.  But I still appreciate the original 01 heads, and I think their eyestalks worked the best at making the eyes brighter.  :shrugs:



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Inika. Enough said.




Seriously though, 2004 by a long shot for posing capabilities. If there was an easy way to get 01's heads to be as adjustable, then they would be the top. There's more color choices for them.

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