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Someone managed to decode Matoran



On my dorm door, I put a whiteboard, and wrote a message in Matoran saying "If you can read this, I want to talk to you". It's a longshot, but the idea was that if someone was able to recognize what the alphabet was (or, even better, was a dedicated enough fan of Bionicle to read it fluently), that was a person I wanted to get to know.


I was just informed that two of my RA's had made it their personal challenge to figure out what the weird circles on my door mean. They have apparently spent the last three weeks trying to crack what it says letter by letter.


They managed to do it. They still don't know what alphabet that was.


I'm amazed and stunned.

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That's dedication right there.


Now, for round two maybe it's time for the Okoto alphabet?

While i like the idea, that looks harder to hand write...maybe might try to learn to read it for myself, though...hmmm...


Cryptology majors?

Somehow, no. I'm fairly sure they're both some variety of business majors.

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Somehow, no. I'm fairly sure they're both some variety of business majors.


Well, that explains why they have the free time to go around breaking ciphers.



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