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California Fires



There are a lot of fires in northern California right now, but the one I’m paying attention to is being labelled the Atlas Fire (for whatever reason, I don’t know). Firefighters have been battling them all week, but the dry conditions and winds (which are expecting to pick up again) have been making it difficult. The winds are making it especially dangerous. I continue to hope for the best, but it’s a really big fire. Every hour it’s getting closer and closer to my girlfriend’s family’s home, and at this point they are just waiting for the evacuation order, getting all their things together for when that becomes necessary. My parent’s home is farther away, but not that far. My dad seems to be playing it cool when I talk to him, but I know he’s concerned. He doesn’t brush things off like this. My vacation has long since ended and I am back on the other side of the hemisphere, perfectly safe from this, but frustrated that I can’t be there to help my girlfriend or her family. Or my family if that’s what it comes down to. Having to watch from the sidelines really sucks.


There are over 1,000 firefighters battling these flames, and more are coming to help out from places nearby. Currently the Atlas fire is 3% contained, which is better than 0% I guess. And that's only one of the I don't know how many blazes. I wish the best of luck to these brave people. I know they are doing everything they can. Thoughts and prayers are going out to everyone who has been affected, whether they’ve lost a business, home, or family member.


I will continue to hope for the best.

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