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Last Jedi basic thoughts



spoilers and such



1. Too many zig-zag fake-outs. The Leia thing especially. Is Kylo gonna kill her -> no he's not - > the TIE pilots kill her instead -> just kidding she survived it. And then the Luke thing of showing up to sacrifice himself -> omg they shot him a billion times -> he survived that somehow -> but Kylo kills him -> but actually he's just a projection and still alive -> then he just dies.


2. The thing with the cooked porgs just seemed unnecessary.


3. The hyperspace kamikaze scene has matched Episode II's seismic charge scene as my favorite moment of sound design. The visuals are really good too.


4. I like how they played the Kylo stuff, giving him his big chance for redemption and having him completely reject it.


Overall it was a very good movie but uh not sure how they're going to work out the Leia thing in the next movie, especially since they already fake-killed her in this movie.


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:kaukau: Basic thoughts on those:




1. I totally agree with you on those fake-outs.  There were more of them, but those were the two big ones.  At times I thought that they were doing some serious stuff.


2. I didn't mind the cooked porgs scene.  It seemed more in-line with traditional STAR WARS humor than the quirky dialogue that they had in the beginning between Poe and General Hux.


3. That kamikaze scene was indeed incredibly epic, both in terms of sound design and also visually.  One of the best parts of the movie.  I cant' wait to rewatch it.  Long live Laura Dern!


4. I definitely enjoyed the fake-outs with Ben Solo more than I did with the "will-the-or-won't-they-die" stuff mentioned in point 1.  A lot of people were speculating that he might turn back and that Rey would go to the Dark Side, and throughout this movie I genuinely wondered that at points.  And I still have no idea if he's going to return to the Light by Episode IX.


And then with the next episode...honestly, I have no idea how they're going to proceed from here.  It was pretty clear that Leia was supposed to have a huge role in the next movie, to inspire people and start the Rebellion over again from scratch, but now I'm without a clue.  I don't really know what they're going to do with Rey's character, with Ben's character, and Luke is dead.  The one thing that I might guess at this point is that Luke might come back as a Force Ghost or something.




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2. I didn't mind the cooked porgs scene.  It seemed more in-line with traditional STAR WARS humor than the quirky dialogue that they had in the beginning between Poe and General Hux.



Pretty strong indictment of "traditional Star Wars" if "lol we killed a cute thing" is what counts as humor.






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The thought totally didn't occur to me.  I was thinking of the porgs as basically just birds with big eyes and I didn't find them particularly cute, just animals (my perspective is different in that I've shot cute animals for practical reasons before, so to me it's just life).  Anyway, I thought that it reminded me of more slapstick humor that George Lucas always seemed to like.  You know, stuff like C3PO's head being punted around like a football, or people nearly getting roasted alive by cute little Ewoks, or cute droids screaming when they get branded, et cetera.


On another note, I honestly didn't expect Snoke to die.  Like, we hand't even figured out who he was or what he did to seduce Ben Solo.  I'm not sure if that's a brilliant twist, or if I feel cheated.


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The scene as I remember is was that Chewbacca had a cooked chicken (which looked expertly done BTW, Chewy is a mad chef) and the Porgs wanted a bit of it. I guess I didn't get that it was implied to be a Porg he caught and cooked; I thought it might just be some meat he had stored on the Falcon.


So I guess this implies that the Porgs can be cannibals?


To me, what stood out more than the plot zigzags was the failed plans. It felt like watching Burn Notice; they'd go to crazy lengths to plan a scheme, get it 80% executed, and then something goes wrong at the last minute and they have to fall back. It felt like it happened multiple times and got a bit stale.




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