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New Blue Vegeta

Pahrak Model ZX


So Vegeta got a new form. Not unusual, in and of itself, but I’m kind of taken with the way it happened this time.


Last week, Vegeta stepped up to take on Jiren the Bland and got his butt kicked. He gave it his all and managed to look pretty cool doing it, but in the end he got knocked flat. Still, near the end of this week’s episode (after Goku doing only marginally better against the same guy), he got back up, screamed his lungs out, and vowed to defeat Jiren, win the Super Dragon Balls, and use them to fulfill his promise of wishing back the Saiyans of Universe 6. And then, new form. No name has been given yet and the explanation was incredibly vague, so I’m just gonna go with New Blue Vegeta as a placeholder.


And I mean, it was kind of a surprise. This arc’s been hyping the heck out of Goku’s new Ultra Instinct form, and Vegeta’s been trying his hardest to attain the same power so he can show him up, but in these two episodes he’s declared that he doesn’t need Ultra Instinct and will surpass his limits in his own way. You could probably still have a debate over how these two forms compare, but the bottom line is that Goku and Vegeta attained different new transformations at roughly the same time. For starters I think this is a great step in the direction of variety—rather than everyone rushing to climb the same tier list of forms, we might actually see the major characters each pursuing and attaining their own unique types of power, and that sounds a lot fresher. Gohan said something similar way back near the start of the arc, so I’m really hoping.


More than that, though, it feels like we’re seeing a subtle yet significant shift in Vegeta. He’s been spending so much time recently so fixated on one-upping Goku that many people felt his character was regressing, but now he’s saying he doesn’t need to do that. He doesn’t need to chase Goku, he can find his own way. And what helped him find that way was his determination to save someone close to him, and a few (maybe more?) others he hasn’t even met. That’s a selflessness he hasn’t shown since he fought Buu. Combine this with the early part of this arc, where he refused to train or even enter the tournament because he needed to be there for his wife when she gives birth, and we’ve got a huge shift in the guy’s priorities.


I mean, this is Dragon Ball we’re talking about, it’s never been a work of fantastic writing and it’s not meant to be, but the way Vegeta leveled up this time around just felt kind of…poignant, I guess. It was a nice surprise and it leaves me optimistic for where the series may go from here. So that’s cool.

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