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It still confounds me that this set is real. Like, seriously, a whole bunch of people had to sign off on selling this thing for 40 dollars. Even if its technically based on a scene from the movie, selling an incomplete vehicle is still really stupid. It's like if they made a hundred dollar set of Grievous's flagship from Episode 3, except it was only the front half that broke off and Anakin landed on Coruscant.

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:kaukau: I feel like they need the top half and have it easily removable.  Cool idea, but incomplete...and waaaaaaaaaaay overpriced.


Has anyone here been wondering about the possibility that Disney might buy the LEGO company from the Christiansen family someday?



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I still can't get over how many complaints there are about what looks like a decent, fun set depicting a pretty exciting scene. It'd be one thing if they were like "yeah, this could be better", but so many reviews have branded it "the worst Star Wars set ever", and as a person who bought heavily into the early sets, I can safely say it's not even remotely close. It has an elevator! Missiles! Not one but two exclusive figs! And our good good friend BB-8 doing easily the coolest thing he's done in the new trilogy!

I would have been all over this if it came out when I was a kid. And if I wanted one with the top section, I'd probably have tried to build it myself.

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