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Learning To Write Again



Yesterday I posted the third chapter in my ongoing comedy Good Makuta, Bad Toa. Which is me revisiting a comedy I'd written way back in 2004, when BZP was new and I was... much younger. And I'm doing it for fun, and am having a lotta fun with it.


And I'm also learning how to write again.


See, over the years writing's gotten harder, even as I'm getting better at it and trying to get paid for it. Secret is, writers actually hate writing. And this is me forcing myself to write, and to write something really silly where I'm not overthinking what happens next. Heck, I'm not even proofreading and am letting my typos lie where they fall.


I've got... way too many projects I should be working. Editing a draft of THE CONDUITS. Working on a script with my roommate. Three other scripts that are percolating around. A book idea that I really gotta get off my butt and write. A short or two with friends. I've got shtuff I need to do, but, writing's hard man. Good Makuta, Bad Toa's my way of forcing myself to stop obsessing and to be willing to write those cruddy first drafts. To write, y'know.

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