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So, I've been following NBC's sophomore show Timeless from it's premier. It's a fun show, and definitely underrated. One year ago the first season ended, and the show was cancelled before NBC reversed their decision a few days later. Now the show is again at risk, with no word on a third season or a cancellation.


I had something happen with the campaign to keep the show on that I never would've expected. I made a tweet that is currently sitting at around 250ish retweets and over 600 likes. I'm amazed that this happened, and also proud to have my voice be heard in a fandom as large as Timeless has.


If you haven't seen the show, go watch it on hulu. I highly recommend it, even with its flaws, as a fun action/adventure/romance/history lesson/drama. Yes, it has all of that.

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i started watching it when it first started, and I could only watch like 5 episodes before i gave up on it. It might be my interests, and I know that due to the conspiracy or whatever being set in the modern American government, but i wished that they covered more than just American history. But it isn't a brainless show and you enjoy it, so i hope it sticks around long enough to be properly wrapped up rather than just have an abrupt ending (no one deserves that). 


And the retweet thing is pretty cool! I love it when non-celebrities have that happen to them.

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