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Immigration and Name Change

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Jean Valjean


:kaukau: If I were a rich man (da ba de ba de ba de ba de ba de ba de ba dum) I would be a sponsor for a few thousand people trying to immigrate to America, although because I'm someone eccentric, there would a a certain condition. Lately, I've been offering several friends to pay for all of the expenses should they legally change their last names to "Skywalker."


So anyway, in the age-old tradition of Americanizing the surnames of immigrants, if I could pay ten thousand people to change their last name to that, and then immigrate to the United States with my sponsorship, we'd then have a substantial population of people with the surname Skywalker. That needs to be a common Amerian surname. Plus, I think that that people will get naturalized more quickly it they clearly and visibly embrace STAR WARS.


Yeah, I know, other rich people think, "Cool! I can get a cheap source of labor!" And then there's me, thinking, "Hey! I can artificially increase the number of Skywalkers in America!"


Well, I don't have the money to actually do that for ten thousand people. In the meantime, there's a friend of mine who has a boring last name, and I'm offering to pay him to change it to "Dangerkill."



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You don't even have to pay me to get me to change my boring last name. Will happily change to Skywalker. Or Dangerkill. Or anything else.


But I am already an American citizen so I guess the point is moot.

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