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Never Thought I'd Say It

Pahrak Model ZX



So for reasons I still don’t fully understand…I ended up buying an exercise game. And, honestly, it’s kind of great? It’s like DDR but with punching. So that’s cool.


And like, it’s just a really great fit for the Switch. Rather than rearranging things and getting everything hooked up each day for just 20 minutes, I can use the Switch’s kickstand to do this wherever’s most convenient. And if I need to travel or something, I can just take my Switch with me and not have to miss a day or two. It’s so easy to integrate into a daily routine!


I recommend checking it out–there’s a demo on the eShop if you’re interested. Never thought I’d be doing any sort of workout routine, but something about this really clicked for me!


(One important note is that, despite the cover art, Wii Fit Trainer does not appear in this game. ): But maybe there'll be DLC?)

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