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Update from the shadow realm

Taka Nuvia


Yo all! It's been a while, and tbh I should have probably logged into this account much sooner than I did... anyway, just wanted to let you know I haven't given up on this place!

Point is, this doctorate thing is scaring me more than it should, and I have spent the last 2 months spiralling from one crisis into the next, hence my silence.


I'm still alive, tho. (just been banished into the shadow realm, so to speak. :] )

... man I missed this place. Is anyone still around? :)


So what's new... I mean this whole Yu-Gi-Oh thing hasn't stopped, on the contrary. I feel like it has just filled the void left by the actual end of Bionicle... idk how to feel about it. On the other hand, it sparks a lot more joy than my studying right now, so it stays. ^^


Art-wise, I'm still drawing every day, because that's something that nobody will take from me, ever.

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Hey, long time no see! :)


I draw too, though increasingly I don't know what to draw. Last full on drawing was of Manuel I Comnenus. Have any ideas? Been drawing ideas on folks with horns/antlers or headgear with horns/antlers, nothing too definitive. Mostly inspired byvideos from this live concert


Hm. Well there are a few things you can do!


Whenever I feel stuck I normally try and use the time for practising - e.g. draw hands/feet (from memory, then from reference, then I compare them and see where my construction goes wrong).


Alternatively, you can switch up the media you use - sometimes that brings new ideas.


What I also found challenging (positively) was asking someone, like a family member, for a drawing prompt. Online prompts never worked for me, but this version does.

On topic: you could set yourself a design challenge - draw a demon with antlers, but keep the rest of the design as little clichè as possible. :)


Maybe some of this helps. If not, don't despair, just keep at it, eventually you will get back into "the zone". ^_^

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Hello to you too, my Danuvian madame!


After commenting here, my cousin invited me to join a DnD game with him in the future. That gave me the creative push I needed. I decided to make a grim hero, a mix of a noble savage and a chivalrous gallant, a mentally disturbed zealot of a man who is forced to walk the earth by an otherworldly force guiding him to fight evil forever, even far after he is supposed to biologically die. Here is my narratively-speaking plagiarism of Solomon Kane, named Sabas Drachenheim




Thank you for the advice, I appreciate it. I have fixed certain things but since taken a break on it. As my DnD game may begin on Friday I should tidy it up and finish it.

(It is sideways, allow me to fix that)

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:kaukau: Man, I wish that I had timeto draw.  Unfortunately, between ongoing education and full-time work, I just don't have the time.  I'm thinking of eventually getting a tablet, after I've gone through tutorials for the entire Adobe Creative Suite.  Since it's a subscription service, I want to make full use of it and hit the ground running on Day One.


Having ideas for what to draw, however, is never too hard for me.  I have literally hundreds of ideas.  It's mainly about having a schedule that allows for me to commit to something, since I take every drawing that I do pretty seriously and aim for something ambitious.


I can't think of anything that will fill the void of Bionicle.  The closest I can come to that is Nickelodeon's Avatar.  I hope that they do a series with an Earth Bender someday.


May your doctorate go ever so favorably.



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