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Dang, looks like one of all the pods from the 10 small Slizers \ Throwbots (although a few don't look matched up). Although just at a glance it looks like those might just be the discs that came with the sets. From a MOC standpoint, pretty much the more useless pieces from the Slizers, but hey that means nothing to collectors.


I kinda feel bad because I trashed a lot of my old canisters last summer to make space, but generally there doesn't seem to be much of a demand beyond the occasional crazy collector. ;) Still, nice find, I'll be interested to see what you're able to do with these!



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Yeah I'm sure some of them are messed up, haven't bothered to check and don't much care really.  When I say "possibilities" I mostly mean "hey these'd be neat to store special things in" so I don't have any plans to try and build anything with them yet.  Unlike RoboRider and BIONICLE canisters there don't seem to be any connection points at all, which is a shame.


As for discs they all seem like a generic variety, but the gold Millennium one looks neat.

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